Coconut Muffins

Calling coconut lovers! These delicious coconut muffins are sure to warm you up with a tropical sunshine taste during these cold, winter months. They go great with a cup of hot chocolate, too!

Coconut Cupcakes

Pecan Topped Pumpkin Bread

Lemon Pecan Bread



Another Iowa State Fair winning recipe!



Try this Iowa State Fair winner!  Makes 3 loaves of bread.


Almond Cranberry Buttermilk Scones

Made from scratch scones are perfect for breakfast, or snacking.


Perfect Banana Bread

This easy recipe makes perfect moist banana bread every time.


Erna’s Gourmet Chocolate Cake

This state fair winner is completely from scratch.  Taste the difference of real chocolate cake and homemade icing.  This will become your family’s requested birthday cake.


Chocolate Almond Torte

Elegant dessert for a special event or someone special