Broccoli Sunflower Salad

Sprinkle chopped cinnamon toasted pecans (see recipe) for an added taste sensation!


Strawberry-Walnut Salad

Great summer salad for lunch or dinner.  Just add cooked chicken for a complete and healthy meal.


Carrot Cake Cookies

These cookies are super moist and delicious.  The icing makes them special.


Erna’s Gourmet Chocolate Cake

This state fair winner is completely from scratch.  Taste the difference of real chocolate cake and homemade icing.  This will become your family’s requested birthday cake.


Cowboy Cookies

Rough and ready cookies are full of delicious chunks.  Every bite is a little different…and good!

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Homemade Granola

Easy to make and on another level over store bought.  Customize it to you and your families tastes.


Hawaiian Supreme Cookies

These cookies have a great nutty-chocolate crunch.  Big chunks of macadamia nuts set them apart.


Apricot Almond Bars (Nebraska State Fair Winner)

State fair winning recipe also makes for a super coffee cake on weekend mornings.


Chippy Dippy Bars (7-Layer Bars)

The simplest no mess recipe for bars everyone will love.  Nothing to clean up except your measuring cups!


Chocolate Almond Torte

Elegant dessert for a special event or someone special