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Taste better than the candy bar and is quick and easy to clean up


Microwave Peanut Brittle

The best way to make peanut brittle is on the stove top.  If you must use the microwave this recipe is consistently good.


Sweet & Salty Peanuts

Simple recipe makes outstanding candied peanuts.

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Lynn’s Black Hills Brownies

My Sister-in-Laws sister, Lynn, brought these to a family gathering.  It took a lot of prodding to get the recipe out of her.  Do your first batch with double frosting the way Lynn always does. Read more


Ginny’s Blue Ribbon Peanut Brittle

The best way to do peanut brittle is on the stove top.  This is the best recipe we’ve ever come across.


Walnut Cinnamon Yeast Bread (Iowa State Fair Winner!)

2016 Iowa State Fair winner and for good reason.  Absolutely delicious toasted and spread with a little butter and honey.

Chocolate Coconut Balls

These dark chocolate coconut balls look like cute truffles. Read more

Pignoli & Pasta

The secret to the rich flavor of this pasta begins and ends with incredible flavor of roasted Gurley’s pine nuts.  Customer Dave P. provided this recipe that is a winner! Read more

Decadent Cookies

Macadamia nuts add a distinctly adult flavor to these classic cookies. Read more