About Gurley’s Foods

Our company, our history and our roots

founder Andy Goedert

Gurley’s Foods Founder Andy Goedert

Gurley’s Foods was built in 1953 by Andy Goedert in the small rural town of Willmar, Minnesota. He built the bakery to produce cookies for the Archway Cookie Company. By 1964, Andy, knowing that he would need to diversify, found a small, highly reputable nut roasting company in St. Paul called “Gurley’s”. He bought the company and started producing Gurley’s nut products there and Gurley’s cookies in Willmar. In 1966, Archway, just as Andy had predicted, built their own bakeries. If it weren’t for his instincts, we would be gone today.

Over the years, Andy’s customers grew accustomed to his high quality products but they couldn’t get them anywhere outside of Minnesota. Eventually this led to the distribution of our products to grocery and convenience stores nationwide.

Find out why customers that try Gurley’s keep coming back for more.