Gurley’s Golden Recipe

Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment terms: 1% 10 days, Net 30 on the NET INVOICE.
  • Credit card orders charged on actual ship date. No discounts are allowed on credit card orders.
  • Faxed orders or EDI are encouraged. Fax number is 320-235-0659.
  • Products will be invoiced at the price effective on the shipping date.
  • Gurley’s guarantees the salable condition of its products when they are accepted (1) at the Buyer’s dock when delivered by Gurley’s or (2) at Gurley’s warehouse dock when order is picked up by the Buyer or Buyer’s agent.
  • Gurley’s is relieved of liability due to Buyer mishandling, poor sanitation practices and old age condition resulting from improper stock rotation or excessive inventory levels.
  • Gurley’s is not liable for delay or non-delivery caused by act of God, strikes, fires, accidents, delays in transit or any causes beyond Gurley’s control.
  • Any order placed with Gurley’s is given with an understanding that Gurley’s reserves the right to ship all or in part, and that delivery to Buyer constitutes acceptance of that order by Buyer. Acceptance of order by Gurley’s does not extend to or include acceptance by Gurley’s of any terms, conditions and provisions appearing on any order submitted on Buyer’s order form.
  • Gurley’s does not ship product on consignment or guaranteed sale. If, for any reason, product needs to be returned to us, Buyer must get a return authorization number from salesperson and agrees to pay a 15% restocking fee off the net invoice price.
  • Gurley’s will ship by the most economical means possible. This may mean using an independent carrier (contract carrier) or an LTL carrier. These carriers, in all likelihood, will not have lift gates. Therefore products must be unloaded at dock height. If a dock is not available, product will need to be removed by forklift supplied by Buyer. If a lift-gate is required there will be an additional $210.00 fee. If Buyer has a SPECIAL REQUEST or SPECIAL NEED, Gurley’s will charge the Buyer for any additional costs incurred in shipping.
  • Gurley’s Foods does not issue checks for authorized returns and/or unsaleables. Seller will be issued a credit memo on a future invoice.
  • Gurley’s Foods is under no obligation to sell products or services to another company.

Gurley’s Foods, LLC 1118 East Hwy. 12, PO Box 88, Willmar, MN 56201-0088
Office: 320-235-0600 Fax: 320-235-0659